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Shakespeare Fight Scenes - Bard in Boston

About Shakespeare Fight Scenes

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A Palpable Hit
Shakespeare’s Best Fight Scenes

The Gunpowder Plot is a conspiracy of some of Boston’s top fight directors and combat actors. We present a rowdy showcase of the best fights in Shakespeare’s plays: funny, tragic, brutal, fierce. This piece explores the world of meaning in the stage direction “they fight.”

Check out our website http://www.apalpablehit.com, complete with web pages on each scene with full text, illustrations, secondary sources and video.

Swordplay, slapstick, assassination, and freestyle fighting will leave audiences wanting more. Scenes include-

Hamlet vs. Laertes
Tybalt vs. Romeo vs. Mercutio
Viola vs. Sir Andrew
Petruchio vs. Katharina
Lady Anne vs. Richard
Young Siward vs. MacBeth
Banquo & Fleance vs. Murderers
Orlando vs. Charles the Wrestler
Murderers vs. Duke of Clarence
Hermia vs. Helena
Young Siward vs. MacBeth
Joan of Arc vs. King of France

A Palpable Hit runs Wednesdays-Sundays at the Durrell Theater
(at the Cambridge YMCA, 820 Massachusetts Ave. in Central Square, Cambridge)
from November 25-December 11, 2016.
Shows on Wednesday-Saturday are at 8:00 pm, and Sunday at 4:00 pm.
Special industry night show on Monday, November 28th at 8:00 pm.
Tickets $25-40 with Gold Star discounts available
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